Aims and Scope

Mission Statement

The Malaysian Journal of Chemistry (MJChem) is the flagship publication of the Malaysian Institute of Chemistry (also known as Institut Kimia Malaysia) which aims to provide a publishing platform for scientific research findings in the fields of chemistry and chemistry-related areas.


The Journal publishes articles on the following categories: (i) Research Articles; (ii) Short Communications; (iii) Research Perspectives and (iv) Reviews.  Article contributions including but not limited to, the following topics will be considered for publication:

  • • Analytical chemistry (Characterization and analysis)
  • • Inorganic chemistry (Organometallic chemistry)
  • • Materials chemistry (Solids, liquids, polymers)
  • • Nuclear chemistry (Radioactivity, nuclear properties and processes, such as nuclear transmutation)
  • • Organic chemistry (Structure, properties, composition, mechanisms and reactions of organic compounds)
  • • Physical chemistry (Chemical thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, electrochemistry, statistical mechanics, spectroscopy and more recently astrochemistry)
  • • Theoretical chemistry (Quantum mechanics, quantum chemistry, computational chemistry, computer programs).
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