Vol. 6, No. 1 2004

Vol. 6, No.1 2004

1. Alstoctazine, a Novel Bisindole Alkaloid from Alstonia macrophylla Cheng-Hock Chuah

2. Nickel b –diketonato Compounds Studies using Extended X-ray Absorption of Fine Structure (EXAFS) and Energy Dispersive EXAFS (EDE) M. B. Abdul Rahman, J. Evans and A. J. Dent

3. Synthesis of Monoglycerides from Dihydroxystearic Acid : Effect of Reaction Parameters. R. Awanga, S. Ahmada, M.F. W. Ibrahim and W.M.Z. Wan Yunus

4. Crystal Structure of Hexaaquanickel(II) Bis(dicyanamide) Bis(hexamethylenetetramine) Dihydrate. Chew Hee Ng, Siang Guang Teoh and Seik Weng Ng

5. Dispersion Copolymerization of Methacryloyl-Poly(ethylene glycol) Macromonomer with Styrene. Medyan Riza, Sa’ari Mustapha and Rozanna Dewi

6. Solid-phase Extraction Cleanup Method for the Determination of Organophosphorus Pesticides in Vegetables. Alvin Chai Lian Kuet and Lau Seng

7. Solid Phase Extraction Cleanup for the Determination of Organochlorine Pesticides in Vegetables. Alvin Chai Lian Kuet and Lau Seng

8. Hydroxypropylation and Acetylation of Sago Starch. Azronnizan Aziz, Rusli Daik, Maaruf Abd. Ghani, Nik Ismail Nik Daud, and Bohari M. Yamin*

9. High Temperature High Performance Liquid Chromatography of Triazole Fungicides on Carbon-Clad Zirconia Stationary Phase Mohd Marsin Sanagi, See Hong Heng, Wan Aini W. Ibrahim, Ahmedy Abu Nai

10. Determination of AgO in AgO/Ag2O Mixture by Thermogravimetric Analysis Riaz Qadeer, Rizwan Hussain, Sumeera Ikram, Fiaz Ahmed and Arshad Munir

11. A Quantitative Evaluation of the Effect of Toxic Metals on Biochemical Oxygen Demand Leong Yoke Woon and Lim Poh Eng

12. Production of Ethyl Ester (Biodiesel) from used Frying Oil: Optimization of Transesterification Process using Microwave Irradiation Saifuddin, N. and K.H. Chua

13. Migration Characteristics of Hydrophobic Organophosphorus Pesticides in Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography with Buffer and Organic Modifiers Wan Aini Wan Ibrahim, S. M. Monjurul Alam and A. B. Sulaiman

14. Interfacial Studies of Single-Fibre Aramid/Epoxy Composites using Raman Spectroscopy I. Ahmad, and R. J. Young

15. Simultaneous Solvent Extraction of Metal Ions with Thiacrown Ethers Studied using Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry Bahruddin Saad, Chong Ching Ching, Abdussalam Salhin, Md. Fazlul Bari,Ismail Ab. Rahman, Norita Mohamad and Muhammad Idiris Saleh

16. ISynthesis and Fluorescence Studies of 5-chlorothiazolo[5,4-d]pyrimidine Zanariah Abdullah and Norman Waldron

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