Malaysian Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 17(1) 2015

Published by Institut Kimia Malaysia (Malaysian Institute of Chemistry): (ISSN 1511-2292)

Malaysian Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 17(1), 2015

Properties of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles                                                                                                  1
H. T. Ong, M. J. Nurhidayatullaili, B. A. H. Sharifah, O. Boondamnoen and M. F. Tai
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Antioxidant Activity of Extracts and Astilbin from the Root of Smilax glabra of Vietnam                12
T. T. V. Trinh, V. C. Vu, T. H. Pham, V. C. Pham and Q. V. Nguyen
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Chemical Constituents of Excoecaria agallochaL. (Euphorbiaceae) Growing in Vietnam                20
T. M. Tran, T. H. Tran, T. T. H. Dinh and D. T. Vu
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Synthesis of Coagent Ethylene Glycol Dimethacrylate                                                                         26
C. H. Chu, N. M. Hồ and T. T. C. Tống
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Characteristics of Surface-modified Aluminum Hydroxide, Iron Oxide and Red Mud in
Dissolution Process                                                                                                                                  32
T. M. H. Le, V. T. Nguyen, S. T. Dong and T. D. Nguyen
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Differences and Similarities of Structures, Bond Dissociation Energy, and Molecular
Orbitals of Borane
Complexes with Tetrylone and Tetrylene Ligands: Do Divalent
Tetrylenes(II) Have Hidden Divalent Tetrylones (0) Chemistry Character?                                          44
T. A. N. Nguyen, T. P. L. Huynh, T. H. Tran, T. Q. Duong, T. H. Dang and V. T. Pham
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