Published by Institut Kimia Malaysia (Malaysian Institute of Chemistry): (e-ISSN 2550-16580)

Malaysian Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 19(1), 2017

Role of Organics in Atmospheric Catalytic Autoxidation of Aqueous Sulphur Dioxide
in Acidic Medium                                                                                                                                          1-12
Arun Kumar Sharma, Rashmi Sharma and D. S. N. Prasad
FeCl3/ AgOTf Catalyzed Hydroarylation Reactions of Aryl-substituted Alkynes with Different 
Electron-rich Arenes                                                                                                                                   13–23  
Md. Ataur Rahman and Tsugio Kitamura
Improved Photocatalytic Performance of ZnO through AgCu Bimetal Coupling for the
Photodegradation of Nitrobenzene                                                                                                            24–32
Hauwa Sidi Aliyu, Abdul Halim Abdullah and Zulkifly Abbas
Sesquiterpenes and Chromones of Agarwood: A Review                                                                      33–58                       
Daoud Tajeldeinn Ahmaed and Ajaykumar D. Kulkarni
Aqueous Uranium Activity Removal by CoFe2O4 Nanoparticles                                                                 59–66
Tran Quang Dat, Vu Dinh Thao, Pham Thanh Hung and Do Quoc Hung

In vitro Cytotoxic Activities of Aporphine Alkaloids from the Leaves of Alseodaphne
peduncularis (Wall. ex. Ness) Meissn                                                                                                        67–74
Ulil Amna, Mohd Azlan Nafiah and Kartini Ahmad

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